SAFTEA Women’s Program

lisam2Women are currently the fastest growing sector of the firearms industry and the SAFTEA fully recognizes and supports the ladies in their training for personal safety & security. That’s why we created the SAFTEA's Program.

The SAFTEA Women's program was developed by women for women and addresses our specials needs, our firearms, our security and special concerns with carrying a firearm both on and off-body. Initially our Women's program will consist of Women's Defensive Handgun 1 and Women's Defensive Handgun 2 designed specifically for women which addresses women specific concerns such as concealed carry, holsters, safety and much more.

Whether it is your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, or even YOU...no matter how you see them, they are an important woman in your life!  Here at SAFTEA we are committed to safe, knowledgable, and responsible firearms training to all, but especially to the female in this division.  The staff and instructors are dedicated to providing the most up to date and sound defense training to better equip you with the skills and resources needed to protect you and your loved ones in this ever dangerous world we are living in.  

As Director of the women's division, and being a female myself, I understand women can complete the same training and drills as men, but often there are different means of communicating or other needs we have to be aware of.  Frequently the options of carry or the way of gaining the mindset around using the firearm differ from a man's.  Here at SAFTEA we want you to know we will provide you with the mindset and education to empower you as a female shooter and/or firearm owner.  Women play so many varying rolls throughout a day in the family, workplace, society; we know that one carry method is just not feasible if you expect everyday carry.  Choose us in your resource and training for the growing number of important members of our society and family...the female.

Lisa Murphy

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