Precision Rifle Instructor

The Precision Rifle Instructor courses are 16 hours per level they meant for advanced Shooters who have mastered basic long range shooting with the ability to articulate the subject matter to their student.  There are cuttently three levels.

The Precision Rifle Instructor class cadre consists of Military, Law Enforcement as well as civilian long range shooters with decades of real world experience.   prifle

The instructor candidate must pass the SAFTEA Precision Rifle student portion (16 hours per level) with a 90% written and shooting examinations, "before" they attend the instructor class. Candidates may also have equivalent Military or LE LR schooling credentials, this will be  determined my the instructors of the SAFTEA course.

Candidates must understand Mil’s and MOA, advanced ballistics, windage, weather as it related to ballistics, ranging, advanced positions, spotting and advanced shooting. Instructor classes are held twice a year (Spring and Fall) at our range near State College Pa.

Instructor candidates, shooting skills, LR knowledge and ability to teach will be thoroughly tested.

The candidates equipment must be able to hold a minimum of 1 MOA at 100 yards and must be zeroed. A number of topics will be covered in Length of Course: 16 Hours. Candidates must be able to hold a 2" MOA at 100 yards - 6 consecutive shots.

There are short breaks and a lunch break throughout both the classroom session and shooting range drills.

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